Here there are the qualifications to be a potential Surrogate

Have had at least one pregnancy

Have not had any major pregnancy complications

Have reliable transportation (We offer some accommodations)

Be between the ages of 21-37

Have no criminal record

Have a BMI of 30 or lower

Have a stable home environment

Live in a surrogate friendly state

Be a U.S. Citizen

Questions on whether or not you qualify?

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The Surrogacy Process

It is an amazing journey for both, you and the Intended Parent(s).
Upon a successful matched, the Surrogate will undergo the following steps during the surrogacy:



Let the journey begin! Upon a successful match you will be scheduled for your psychological screening with a psychologist depending on in which state you live. You will also be scheduled for a medical screening appointment where you will meet with the intended parents’ and now, your new physician for a complete uterine evaluation, ultrasound, urine and bloodwork. You will be given lab orders for your partner, if applicable, to also have bloodwork screening if he or she cannot make it to the appointment.


Consultation with an Attorney

You will be provided legal representation to guide you through the review of your legal contract between yourself (your spouse, if applicable) and your intended parent(s). Once you fully understand your contract and mutually agree to all terms, you will sign and notarize the final draft. All legal fees are paid for by the intended parents.


The Cycle Calendar

Once legal clearance is issued, and your escrow account is funded, a cycle treatment calendar will be provided to you by your IVF Center coordinator with important dates indicating specific instructions related to medication start dates and anticipated appointments dates, along with additional do’s & don’ts and other helpful information to review. Never hesitate to ask any questions if you do not completely understand any instructions. You will begin your medications in order to prepare your body for the embryo transfer. During this time, you will go in for various monitoring appointments where you will have ultrasounds and blood tests performed.


The Embryo Transfer

The big day! Your IVF treatment coordinator will give you instructions on how to prepare for the day of your transfer. Most physician’s offices will instruct you to be on bedrest for the first 24-48 hours following the transfer. Depending on your location, this can either take place at the surrogate’s home or hotel accommodations will be provided. Hotel and flight (if applicable) will be prepared for by your case manager. Your case manager will be with you on the day of your transfer.


The Blood Pregnancy Test

Roughly two weeks after the embryo transfer, a blood pregnancy test will be completed showing a positive or negative hCG number, to determine whether the embryo(s) implanted.


The Follow Up Testings

Once you have had your positive blood pregnancy tests, you will continue to see your IVF physician for follow up obstetric ultrasounds and blood work to monitor the pregnancy.


Released to own OBGYN

After ten weeks of pregnancy, you will then be released to your own OBGYN for the remainder of the pregnancy.



Upon each milestone, payments will be disbursed directly to you by the escrow holding company, based on the compensation amounts that were agreed to within your contract. You will receive payments in the mail or via an electronic funds transfer to your desired account. You will receive your first monthly allowance, along with applicable expense reimbursements. You will receive compensation for beginning injectable medications, followed by your embryo transfer compensations.
Once pregnancy is confirmed, your monthly base pregnancy compensation will start based on the terms of your contract. Reimbursable expenses need to be submitted with receipts along with your monthly payment request.

Below is an example of a first-time surrogate benefit package. If you are a proven surrogate, we believe you should choose your own base compensation amount.

First Time Surrogate Benefit Package

Explained in Details:

Pregnancy Compensation

The surrogate compensation will be paid in monthly installments of $3,500.00 during the pregnancy, beginning upon confirmation of pregnancy via heartbeat ultrasound.


All States

Monthly Allowance

Once legal contracts are signed and fully executed by both parties, you will receive this amount on the first of the following month. This payment will continue throughout your pregnancy. The purpose of this allowance is to cover expenses such as mileage, postage, lost wages prior to pregnancy, telephone calls, faxes, and misc. expenses related to the surrogacy process.
You will receive this payment for two months following a vaginal delivery or three months following a C-section.

Medication Start Fee

This fee is payable to you the 1st of the following month of starting medications for the cycle, in preparation for the embryo transfer.

Embryo Transfer Fee

This fee is paid to you on the first of the month following you embryo transfer. This fee is to compensate the surrogate for the time associated with medical preparation for the transfer and bed rest.

Maternity Clothing Allowance

This maternity clothing allowance will be a one time payment at 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Monthly Support Group

You will receive $100 to attend a monthly support group. This can be done by phone or person and instructions will be sent by your case manager depending on where you live. THIS IS NOT MANDATORY.


per month

Support/Spouse Person Allowance

This allowance is paid for your spouse/partner’s time to be with you during embryo transfer and delivery. This is a flat payment for your support person for missing time from work.
The payment of $100/day (2 days for embryo transfer, delivery: 2 days for vaginal birth and 5 days for C-Section).


per day

Twin Compensation

This fee is paid to you if you are confirmed pregnant with more than one fetus at heartbeat ultrasound. It is payable at $1,000 per month, in addition to your pregnancy benefit payment, on the first of the month following the 20th week of pregnancy.

Canceled Cycle Fee

If you begin injectable medications, and the cycle is canceled, at no fault to you, you will receive this fee on the first of the month following cancellation.

Physician Recommended C-Section

If your OB doctor deems it necessary that you deliver by C-section, this fee will be paid to you following your delivery. This fee is for pain and suffering associated with the C-section, added risks, and longer recovery.

Lost Wages/Physician Ordered Bed Rest

If your doctor places you on bed rest during any period of your pregnancy (excluding mandatory bed rest for embryo transfer).
You must have a doctor’s note expressing the extent of your bedrest.

TBD/Pay stubs must be turned in
Childcare & Housekeeping Due to Bed Rest

If your doctor places you on complete bed rest during any period of your pregnancy (excluding mandatory bed rest for embryo transfer). You must have a doctor’s note expressing the extent of your complete bedrest.
Receipts are required and must be submitted in order to receive reimbursement.


per week Childcare


per week Housekeeping

Receipts are required

Breast Milk Allowance

If you agree and your intended parents request breast milk, you will be compensated for your time and effort to pump milk. Your intended parents pay for all the supplies.


per week

Invasive Procedure Fee

This fee will be paid to compensate for the trauma associated with the following procedures: amniocentesis, D & C, early termination, fetal reduction, operative hysterectomy (in hospital or outpatient facility) or ectopic pregnancy.


Loss of uterus up to 6 months postpartum

Health Insurance

If the surrogate has a medical insurance that covers surrogacy she needs to provide proof of insurance, including carrier’s name and policy information to run a surrogacy exclusion review. If a surrogate is uninsured, Elite Women Surrogacy will assist the intended parents in acquiring the appropriate coverage.

Life Insurance

There will be a $250,000 one year life insurance policy issued to the surrogate paid by the intended parents.


Frequently Asked Questions about Surrogacy

The more you know, the better


Do I qualify to be a surrogate Mother?

Yes, if you are between the ages of 21 and 37, have had healthy pregnancies before with no major complications, are height and weight proportionate and have a healthy life style.

What is the surrogacy matching process?

After the profile and application process has been completed your profile will be accessible to potential Intended Parents for review. Careful consideration is given to your personal preference on what type of Intended Parents you are willing to be matched with. Depending upon the Surrogate and Intended Parent location, a conference call or in person meeting will be scheduled to decide whether both parties are interested in moving forward.
Your surrogate coordinator will give you instructions in downloading apps to meet over Skype/WeChat.

What type of medication will be required to take?

During the fertility treatment cycle, you will take various medications. In some instances, you may be required to administer intramuscular injections.
Each physician´s office has a different medication protocol. The particular physician´s office that you will be working with will explain in detail your medication, side effects if any, and what will be expected of you. If you have any questions, please ask!

How do I receive my compensation?

You will start receiving your monthly allowance upon receiving legal clearance. This will continue through to after the delivery. Once a viable pregnancy is confirmed by a heartbeat ultrasound performed by the IVF specialist, you will start receiving monthly installments the first of the following month, until delivery takes place. The balance, if any, will be due to you upon delivery.

How many embryos are usually transferred to the surrogate mother?

The doctor’s office, together with you and your intended parent(s), will decide how many embryos will be transferred. This will depend on factors, such as, quality of the embryos, age of the egg provider (either a donor or the Intended Mother herself), and number of embryos available to transfer. The average number of embryos transferred is from 1 to 3.

Will I have to pay for medical treatments, medications, or travel expenses?

No, all reasonable and necessary expenses that are incurred during the surrogacy cycle will be paid for by the Intended Parents. Examples of these expenses include, but are not limited to; legal fees, psychological evaluation, lost wages, medical appointments, medications directly related to the surrogacy cycle, and child care reimbursements. These items and those not listed are covered in your surrogacy contract that is reviewed with the attorney who will represent you. Please be sure to review your contract entirely before signing.

Ending Note:

There are hundreds of FAQ’s related to a surrogate journey. We at EWS want you to feel comfortable and confident about the journey you are about to embark on. We encourage you to be part of groups, ask questions that have to do with you, and be as informed as possible on every step of the journey.

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