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Outstanding Service

We pride ourselves in providing exceptionally high-end service to our clients. At EWS we understand the delicacy of the journey you are about to embark on. We are available 24/7 to all of our clients.

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Committed to a Positive Experience

At EWS we understand that emotionally and physically, the client/surrogate has been through a great deal and we are dedicated to always deliver a positive experience.

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In House Experience

Since a majority of our staff at EWS were once (or are currently) surrogates, we know exactly how you feel; your excitement, your fears, your doubts, your joys. We are able to share our insight and experiences with you and provide comfort, knowing that you’re not alone. Our staff will be able to guide you through your journey with ease.

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Knowing what to Expect

In addition to some staff being past surrogates, we also have staff that have worked over +10 years directly within IVF clinics and agencies, offering a wealth of knowledge in the overall fertility industry, providing insight on the ins and outs of the entire fertility and surrogacy process. Our commitment is to walk this journey in unity.


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