Reasons to Choose Us

This is what makes us unique

reason 1

Transparent Communication

The transparency we practice at EWS creates a trust and an environment that allows all of us to reach one common goal, which is to create a family.

reason 2

Outstanding Service

Exceptionally good service to our clients. At EWS we are patient and understand the delicacy of the journey we have reached. We are available 24/7 to all of our clients.

reason 3

Committed to a Positive Experience

At EWS we understand that emotionally and physically the client/surrogate has been through a lot, and we are dedicated to always deliver a positive experience.

reason 4

In House Experience

Our employees have been surrogates before and they can relate to the physical and emotional feelings that comes with the experience and are excited to share them.

reason 5

Trusting Advice

Even if after speaking to us, you feel this agency is not for you. We are always willing to help and guide the parent/surrogate in the correct path.

reason 6

Knowing what to Expect

Since the staff at EWS once were surrogates we know exactly how you feel, your fears, your doubts. Our commitment is to walk this journey in unity.


You Can Start Your Journey Today!

We will be at your side always, with Unity and Compassion


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  • 23101 Lake center Drive.
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